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This is the first demo we did, recorded in December 2011 before we had even played a gig.

It was released on cassette tape by Something Honest To Dance To, but there are no copies left.


released January 1, 2012




Young Attenborough Brighton, UK

Poppy indie punk, or something.

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Track Name: Little Relief
What little relief.
A criminal morning and I'm shaking with intent.
I watch the world go past.
The aftermath is calling for explanation where there has been no questions asked.

I'll try my best.

Can it be too late to make up for these lost hours?
Twelve months of dropping out.
Did you ever stop to think about what you were giving up?

Will this year be defining for the rest of your life?
What keeps you breathing?
Lost in the haze and far from satisfied.
You're reliant on these crutches that could slip at any time.
Like an old ventilator that keeps you bound to bed.

Turn it off.
Track Name: The Wintertime Country Blues
I could just hibernate. I could wait ‘til spring.
I could write off this season and focus on survival.
Curl up in ball and wait until everybody I care about forgets about me.

These nights are getting longer in all the wrong places and I’m getting cold.
Tell my family and friends they won’t be seeing me again.
I might not make it through this winter.

This artificial heat makes my skin itchy.
This bitter wind just makes my body ache.
I wrote a list of all the things I know I need to do. It isn’t shortening this week.
I spend the best days of my life biding my time for half the year.

And in the new year I’ll make these promises, to stop making promises that I won’t keep.
But then spring will be here and it’s so nice outside.
There’s so much to keep a boy distracted.
Track Name: Hope Is A Bear
Feeling older for once.
The bones ache rather than heads.
A week well spent and gone are the voices of youth.
The battle scars that they sport like trophies, those wounds finally fade.
I tried and failed to recreate the old ways.
So I guess you'd say that that's enough.

That’s enough to make me see you that you got through.
I see more than you realise and I've taken to setting aside the fears.
Plotting a course of ambition and following it through

It’s hard to know where my winter went.
It ushered in a sickness and left me lonely, kneeling in a cold sweat.
I should know by now that you're through with looking back.
I guess you think that that’s enough.

That’s enough to make me feel like I want to.
To take a few more chances and to see it through.
Setting aside the fears, plotting a course of remission and following it through.