That Ain't Bread (That's Toast)

by Young Attenborough

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We haven’t released anything for ages so here’s a new single. You can download it for free if you want.


released 06 January 2014
Track 1 is by us and track 2 is a cover of a song by The Housemartins.

We recorded it in Jay’s bedroom with Luke Godwin, who did all the mixing and that. It was mastered by Pete Miles.




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Track Name: That Ain't Bread (That's Toast)
Let the ice cold rain fall down like a miserable sheet.
All the pressure, the not-so-fresh air, is starting to get to me.
When I saw you standing at the station I turned and walked the other way.
I hope you didn't see me.

Don't take it personally I just needed some time looking at fields and trees.
Don't take it personally I just needed some time by myself.

At the East Midlands Parkway show me which to do go.
It doesn't feel like going home.
It feels like going away.

The sunset over cranes never looked so beautiful.
If I can make it through today maybe I can learn how to survive.
I will learn how to drive and I will drive, drive, drive.
Without knowing where I'm going or how to get home.